My 4 Top Greek Easter Recipes

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Ever wonder what my go-to recipes are for Greek Easter? Well, it’s hard to pick because each and every Easter is different. But these are the recipes I look for each and every year for my Easter dinner. I do add to these four as people come and go over the years.

I may add mustard greens, switch out spanakopita for leek pie (my brother Tom’s favorite), and add a Tabbouleh or Greek tomato salad.

The Greek church often has a picnic on Sunday to celebrate the holiday, but if only weather permits. I may switch to BBQ lamb chops if we are heading over to the picnic and need a fast entree. I always bring my dyed red eggs and Greek cookies called Koulouria.

Or try phyllo cups with your favorite ice cream flavor for a twist on baklava! It’s easy and can be made ahead of time.

Overall, all these recipes can be found here on my blog. So feel free to develop your own group of recipes and have a lovely Easter Day!

As the Greeks say, Kalo Pascha (Happy Easter) and Kali Anestasi!

Blessing to you and your family on this splendid day!




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