Encinitas Brewfest Enjoyed with Great Friends

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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How often to you go to an event and unexpectedly reunite with old friends, and the night turns into a wonderful evening?  When small towns put on events in town, a lot of hard work and pain goes into selecting the booths, the music, (and by the way the music was amazing), and the food,  you should embrace it and get down there and support them, because it can be a fun-worthy event- which this became. Food trucks, bands, and great beer,what more can you ask for!  The best part: you could select the cause you wanted your money to go to!

Thank-you  to Encinitas Coastal Rotary and the Encinitas Brewfest !

The Lost Abbey Brewery and a local enjoying their beer.

Backstreet Brewery joined in the fun and as they supplied us with their samples .

Great bands entertained us all evening.  Many sounds…from rock, jazz, and a little country!

What a great group of friends gathered for a fun shot. What’s better than a warm summer evening spent together.

Had to have one last one…couldn’t pass this up! Stone Brewery and their HWY 78!


Ballast Point offered great choices for the evening.

Rockin out with local bands.

Two wonderful friends enjoying an evening out together.


Karl Strauss Brewery brought an IPA that was outstanding…

To attend next year visit their website: http://www.brewfestencinitas.com/

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