New Products from the Expo-West Show 2013!

by Mary Papoulias-Platis


Loved the soft and chewy new bare ginger by The Ginger People

This year’s Natural Products show in Anaheim was even bigger and better than year’s past! After spending three full days there, I could hardly manage to get around to all the booths. They had record attendance this year of 63,000 people and 2,400 booths. The food  industry is booming and is well on it’s way to becoming one of the most important shows not to be missed. Whole Foods became the buzz-word as they made their major announcement about their GMO stand in the business, and this will effect all their stores across the nation. Hopefully, this will ignite the Non-GMO campaign and  it will gain momentum again, and hopefully states will realize the importance of this movement and respond.

Here’s a very small sampling of the new products on the floor this year that I happen to capture and love.



Dragon Herbs has a new salad booster line, great for sprinkling on your dishes.


Flamous  brought to the market sprouted multigrain chips that were crispy and delicious!



 Alter Eco’s brand chocolate is the BEST! My favorite were the orange peel and mint flavors.


Have you ever tried Flaxmilk from FlaxUSA? A great product for our schools.


 Bob’s Red Mill’s new product is their new grain line from Farro to Sorghum- a must try!


“My Best Idea Award” goes to a new olive water made from Greek extra-virgin olive oil was my biggest surprise – great flavor with olive oil benefits.


My pick for most convenient is this line of ready-to go packages from ArtiHearts!


SuperFood Cereals presented by Living Intentions my favorite choice for flavor “Maca Honeycomb”


 Also from Living  Intentions, the Cajun flavored raw nuts grabbed my attention for their burst of flavor – delicious!


Eco’s brand (Earth Friendly) detergents are all plant- based with new cleaners for your home.


A new deodorant from Primal Pit Paste  was a big hit believe it or not – a great organic product produced by an athletic group.


My favorite beauty products  from Evan/Healy all organic and a more healthful line for our skin!


GAIA herbal products are amazing from their new teas to energy drinks comes a wonderful healing line to visit.


The new “Back to the Roots” herb garden kit from the producers of the mushroom garden kit for those with limited garden space or perfect for a classroom activity.


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1 Cathy @ She Paused 4 Thought

I love ginger and can’t wait to try this. I usually have to bring it back from Australia with me. Thanks for sharing all the new products.

I am still laughing over primal pit paste!

2 Mary Papoulias-Platis

The show was exciting and full of new products! The gingerjuice was also outstanding from The Ginger People. They even have a cosmetic line!

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