Greek Festivals in California for May 2017

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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When you attend a Greek Festival, you often hear the word “OPA” being yelled out from the crowd, especially if you’re sitting near the dancing arena! It’s a word that can have many meanings. You can express your happiness while having a toast at the beginning of a special occasion or dinner.  Many times it’s an expression of the leader in a Greek dance, signifying enthusiasm. Either way you choose to use the word, it often relates to happiness.

The festivals are full of excitement this month in May, and you are bound to have a good time learning about the Greek Culture and Food. Don’t skip out on the Greek Coffee, Desserts, and Appetizers. In other words don’t eat before going.

So hurry on down to any of these Greek Festivals in California, and grab yourself a bit of happiness and get your fill of a little bit of “OPA”!

California Festivals:

Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church, Santa Cruz, Ca.
May 19,20,21 Website:

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension in Oakland
May 19,20,21 website:

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Anaheim, CA
May 19,20,21  Website:

St. Nicholas Valley Greek Orthodox Church of Northridge
May 27,28,29

Nativity of Christ of Greek Orthodox Church of Novato
May 26,27,28

St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church, in Roseville
May 26,27,28

As stated from the best-selling book “The Opa Way” by authors, Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon they say “Stop looking for happiness and start looking for Meaning.”


Best bites at the festivals are the popular Greek desserts, so don’t pass them up.





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