Top 15 Gifts for the Garden

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

Top 15 Gift Guide for the Gardeners on your list.

This Top 15 garden gift guide can work year-around. I have enjoyed these hand-selected gifts in and out of the garden. From planting a garden with Renee’s seeds to a beautiful garden hat, I’m sure you will find your special someone a gift they will cherish for long time.


1. Pomegranate tablecloths for the cook in your home.


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2. Garden boots to keep you dry and working longer in the garden.

3. A collection I have given for years, a heirloom gift.



4. Delight your friends with a fun day in the garden playing an old fashion game.

5. When you pick weeds, and gather leaves this lightweight container is the one to have.

6. These  gloves I use daily in my garden and are sturdy and long covering the arms for clipping roses.

7. These are your tried and true clippers!






8. Meyer’s is a safe product to use on your hands and in the kitchen, bathroom, and on your clothing. Comes in many scents or plain.

9. Who can resist the beauty in these botanical plates and settings. Take a look at the total collection it’s breath taking.

10. My favorite seed company for my garden.Find unusual and unique vegetables as well as flowers in her collection.


11. An insect Bundt pan for baking your favorite cookie recipe in with your children or for an outdoor party!

12.Can’t live without this fantastic book from master gardener Pat Welsh.  It teaches you what to plant, feed, and trim by a monthly guide and calender.

13. What do you do with all those vegetables you plant?  Explore this lovely book for ideas and information on your plants.

14. Thinking of growing a garden in your front yard?  Take a look and get wonderful ideas from this informative book!

15. Protect yourself from the sun and garden in style in this beautiful hat that stays on with a strap.



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