7th Year of Greek Dinner Around the World

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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This is our 7th year celebrating an idea created virtually by three friends. Katie Aliferis, Keri Douglas, and myself. The idea was to try and preserve the Greek Arts through social media and celebrate one day a year. And that day is January 15th.

Keri Douglas was the founder, and she has written a post on her blog that helps define her philosophy on this project. You can find her post here.
I copied a portion of her blog post to explain what you can do on this day of celebration. These were the original ideas, but now they have grown to simply enjoying your day by reading a Greek novel and/or Greek poetry, listening to Greek music, dancing to a Greek band, watching a Greek movie or simply visiting with your family.

The dinner party rules are simple:

  • Promise to host a dinner party at home or a local Greek restaurant.
  • Share your story.
  • Connect with others.
  • Introduce new partners to the dinner party.
  • Share and promote others.
  • Be inspired.
  • If you are able, purchase a Greek item from a Greek in Greece or purchase something Greek in your own town.

We have never met as a group but only virtually through emails and social media. I received a message from Keri Douglas, from Washington D.C. to assist in making this a special day for Greek Culture. After several meetings I agreed to celebrating our Greek Heritage. Not to long after that we asked a wonderful Greek writer to join us from the Bay area, Katie Aliferis , and from that day on we were joined at the hip.

Katie Aliferis, above. To learn more about Katie, visit Keri Douglas’s site: 9 Muses News.

Later in the years, I did have the opportunity to meet Katie at a food show in San Francisco. We instantly became friends over the years, as we continue to share twitter posts. I have not yet met Keri Douglas, but I always feel she’s in my home year around with her spirit.

Keri Douglas, above. Keri writes a blog called 9 Muses News.  Her blog features posts on New Trends on Art, Business and Science.

Together, we all have the passion to share our Greek ideas and knowledge with people around the world, and this has grown to thousands of viewers.  You can find us on Twitter at #GreekDinnerAroundtheWorld.

Hopefully, in the near future we can meet and enjoy each other’s love for Greece and her Arts, and you never know it might just be on January 15th!

Love to All,


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