A New Year … Thank-you!

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

“If a man finds himself with bread in both hands, he should exchange one loaf for some flowers of the narcissus, because the loaf feeds the body, but the flowers feed the soul”


Let me thank -you for following my cooking blog and believing in my passion. Many people make the mistake of of having too many resolutions, if any for the New Year. Instead let’s focus on what’s really important – your body and soul. Not being too gushy about this, I feel it’s important to realize your lifestyle cannot change overnight through a resolution.If you want to make a change, privately write it down, look at it daily, and try to reach it within 6 months or so. If it’s important to you,  make a conscious effort and it will get done. Below, I have my favorite quotes that keep me in balance for the upcoming year. Now, I want to hear from you!

And I want to thank my followers for all your support this last year! I enjoyed all your feedback, comments, and stories you have shared with me.  What a gift you have given me over this last year supporting and reading my blog. Taking the time out of your busy day to do this shows me your williness to have a better lifestyle, stay healthier, and become a supporter of your local community.   Efaristo! (Thank-you)

A few of my favorite quotes to live by for the year 2013!

  • By being happy you create a possibility for others to be happy.
  • Only with the new is life. Life has to be fresh. Remain a learner, never become a knower.
  • Ignorance is not the barrier against truth- knowledge is the barrier.
  • Live consciously.

Vasilopita cake pictured  is from my blog.

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