Blue Zones is Coming to Ethos from Ikaria, Greece.

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of George and Eleni Karimalis to San Diego, from Ikaria Greece. Ethos will present two culinary events, November 8th and 9th, where the Karimalis’ will be introduce the Ikaria lifestyle with a cooking class and presentation. You will learn cooking techniques from Eleni, as she prepares her favorite plant-based meals and this will be followed with a sit-down dinner. Later in the evening, George will help us understand what goes into eating a more healthy diet, including his philosophy on staying fit, while being involved and supporting your community. Don’t miss this very active and fun night with new friends.

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A few pictures of their culinary events in Ikaria, where they have their family home and vineyard.

A visit from Dan Buettner, as they filmed the Netflix movie, “Live to 100”.

George in his vineyard where they produce their wines.

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The Blue Zones and National Geographic together discovered the Ikaria Island as one of the Blue Zones in the World. The Karimalis family was chosen to appear in the Netflix movie and tell their story. Now, they are on a world tour and will stop here in Carlsbad. If you are not familiar with the Blue Zones, many books have been written by author Dan Buettner. Here are two of the latest books that he has published.

Our classes will feature plant based foods, found on the island of Ikaria. From homemade phyllo, bean dishes, vegetable soups and stews, with simply made desserts. Afterwards, a presentation will be given to familiarize you to the clean lifestyle they live by in Greece. This is a unique event to help build a healthy lifestyle community, and improve one’s health with the tips and lessons they will be introducing!

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We are limited to two nights, so please register early for your tickets. This will be a night to remember as we eat our way to good health!

Chef Mary

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