California’s Blooming in February

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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January and February are cold and wet months in your garden and often a time for cleaning up, weeding, and pruning. But first to peek out in early Spring are the beautiful sunny faces of the trailing”Nasturtium” blossoms. A fast creeping herbal flower with petals 2-3 inches round, and multiple colors to choose from.

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This flowering pear tree ” Chanticleer” is showcasing it’s beautiful white blossoms all over town.The dark rough trunk is a beautiful contrast from the lovely lacy flowers it produces.

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Small fragrant pink blossoms of this perennial “Breath of Heaven”, Coleonema pulchrumis, is just showing up as it produces a full bloom in early Spring. Brush alongside this bush and a wonderful fragrance soon surrounds you.
IMG_1 (19) Fiery red blossoms flowing down the hard tough woody branches of the “Leptospermum, “Red Damask”, makes a grand entrance in your flower garden. A perfect cutting flower for your spring floral arrangements, it can also be purchased in white and pink.

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 Rosemary ” Tuscan Blue” is one of my favorite landscape plants. With it’s strong  herbal scent, perfect for cooking with, it’s a grand show during the cold winter months.

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My “Anna” apple trees have the most beautiful pink  blossoms during the early spring. Be ready for  a large supply of large green-pink tart apples perfect for apple pies and desserts in the early summer months.

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Blooming now, this “lilac vine” (Hardenbergia violacea), is a climbing perennial  with light violet blossoms. It’s very delicate in nature and needs careful attention, but worth it’s beautiful floral show.

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My climbing single petal rose is a knock-out as it over-performs every Winter in my garden. Even this monarch butterfly enjoys it’s three-colored blossoms.
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You can never go wrong with this lovely “Sweet Pea” bush, blooming effortless for several months in and out during the seasons. I use mine in a fence-like border with the “Tuscan Blue” rosemary plant.
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The “California Poppy” found on side streets and hillsides in California growing wild is one of the most popular flowers to place in garden pots or borders in the coastal communities. Select from many bright shades and plant in clusters to brighten any dull spot in your landscape.

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Planting on a slope is difficult, but I chose the ground cover purple verbena. I just love the winter backdrop of solid purple blossoms it provides in the garden.

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Camellias  are in bloom and appear late winter in mild climates. Needing shade and moist conditions they can be found in a multitude of colors and shapes. From double blossoms to single petals, the choice is yours.
IMG_1 (9)I couldn’t resist to throw my “Valencia” orange tree in this grouping, because of it’s magnificent color it provides in the garden.

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Beautiful photos!!!!

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Thank-you, Spring is arriving in it’s glory!

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