Chef Mary Platis’ Herb Class

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

Chef Mary Platis’ Herb Class at the RSF Garden Club. Cooking classes at my school are all hands-on and interactive!  I wanted you to visualize what it would be like if you attended one of my culinary classes. It’s a shame we don’t have a scratch and sniff button on this computer. Hopefully, by the end of this stream of colorful pictures, you will want to jump right in, and sign up for a Fall class!  This class was an Herb class that I had taught earlier in the summer. Visit my blog for my new class list, or go to RSF Garden Club for more information.

I can’t believe my mom talked me into coming!

Is this a fashion show or a cooking class?

I do ALLOW licking!

She took my idea!  Do I say something?

We come here just for the team facials!

Don’t tell anybody but we just made a big mistake. They’ll never know.

What did they just add to that recipe?  They look too happy!

Are we on Food Network  yet?

That was a loud slurp!  I should sign her up for our next cotillion class.

Oops- I thought I gave her a copy of the recipe?

With those wrinkles, I definitely need the name of a doctor.

Wait?  This is not an upside-down cake!

She’s such a tiny thing. Please leave me some…

Last in line – bummer!

A sitting ovation. Um? Is that all I get?

I can’t wait to FB this experience!

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