Christmas Cooking Class with Friends

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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It couldn’t have been a more perfect ending to my holiday season, teaching and visiting with my students and friends during my  Christmas cooking class this past week at the Center for Healthy Living in Solana Beach. We watched as my husband stuffed garlic cloves into the lamb, while I assisted with peeling beets, slicing tomatoes for our salad, and working with phyllo as we wrapped spinach – filled spanakopites.  A special thanks to Diane Barnard for assisting me in the class. Thank-you to everyone who participated in this festive occasion.


Afterwards, we all sat down to enjoy each other’s company and shared stories told by everyone.

Introducing the class to everyone – I had friends from all parts of my life attending; Teachers, Greek girlfriends, Neighbors, Blog Followers, as well as many guests!

Peeling the cooked beets for a lovely salad with garlic sauce!

The baking station concentrating on their recipe.

Hands-on with the spinach and cheese pies- a group effort!

Setting the table table buffet style as we dig in to a healthful meal!

My  favorite part of the evening is gathering around the table and sharing our thoughts of the day!


Look for my January Classes at the Center for Healthy Living in Solana Beach

Soups and Stocks- January 15th

Winter Salads and Grains- January 29th


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1 Lizthechef

So sorry my hip kept me from attending – looks like it was a blast and I will try again. Happy Holidays.

2 Laura

Looks like a wonderful, heart-soothing occasion. Thanks for the pictures and the post bringing Christmas that much closer.

3 Mary Papoulias-Platis

Thank-you for your connection, I love your blog and your beautiful stories along with your recipes!

4 Mary Papoulias-Platis

I wouldloved to have seen you at the cooking class, Liz! Next time, I hope you can join me!
Be well!

5 Laura @ Family Spice

One of these nights I will be able to sneak away and attend your class. I’m drooling over your menu!

6 bunny

hi mary, I came across yo0ur website today while I was looking for kourambethis since all my cookbooks are in south carolina.I have so enjoyed reading all your recipies and I look forward to making them.We live in arizona 3 months of the year and all our company wants the western experience so I do a lot less cooking here but I am enspired. thanks fromk one Greek girl to another. ( I do not type well) Bunny

7 Mary Papoulias-Platis

Start with my Simply Greek recipes and then move on to the Traditional which can be time-consuming. The Kourambiethes are easy and delicious, good luck and thank-you for your kind remarks!

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