Easy Thanksgiving Tomatillo Centerpiece by designer J.R.

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

J.R. has been a long time friend of mine and an amazing floral designer!  I wanted to share his special talents with all of you this Thanksgiving season.  Together we have worked on many projects from unique weddings to memorable events throughout the county. So I had a challenge for J.R.  this season, and that was to come up with a unique table scape for my blog. The actual table setting was auctioned off for charity, but the horn of plenty was J.R.’s  original idea!

Materials you will need:

A horn of plenty
A block of Styrofoam to fit the inside of the horn.
Dry leaves
Fresh tomatillos, f rom the supermarket.
I bought all my materials at Michael’s Craft Store.

Here is the side view.
Place the styrofoam in the horn so it’s snug.
Peel away some of the peel of the tomatillo or leave as is. We peeled it slightly to show the flesh.
Insert a toothpick at one end of the tomatillo and insert in the block. Start at the top and move downward.
Once the horn is filled with tomatillos, place the dry leaves around the perimeter of the horn.
Any extra leaves can be scattered around the table.

Afterwards, you can make a wonderful salsa from the tomatillos.

Enjoy your centerpiece and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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