March Market House for March 10th

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Welcome to my new Ethos Market House Event. We are so excited to present to you a new concept for our culinary school. The event started with a few business woman in our local area, gathering for International Women’s Day last year. We discovered we have many talented ladies that would like to showcase their products, art and designs. So I created Ethos Market House. Here, we set up 4-5 new projects for each market. A theme is produced and the market features local foods, kitchen products, cooking tips and small bites.

You can learn more about us at our website: Ethos Culinary. 

We offer not only culinary classes, but we provide private events, team building parties, and personalized celebrations. Ethos is a private chef’s home, with a 900 square foot kitchen and outdoor facilities. We can be reached at

Here is a peek into the first Market House we held in January at Ethos.

Ladies at March Market

March Market Bone Broth

March Market Teas

March Market Assistants

March Market Food

March Market Ladies

March Market Display

March Market Friends

March Market Vendors

NEW for this Month, will be the following talented women!

Katie Stokes Editor of San Diego Edible
Dr. Sonia Gupte – Book Signing
Cindy House – Organic Body Butter
Debra Tadman – Left and Right Brain Art Classes

March Market Information

FYI: A “ladies only” event, please.

See you there!


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