Gather Around a Greek Table on January 15th – It’s Worldwide! #GreekDinner

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Do you love screaming out “Opa!” as much as I do!

Become  inspired for one evening on Wednesday, January 15th as the Greek culture entertains you while we eat, drink and dance all evening! Visit and meet with hundreds of participants including chefs, authors, musicians, artists and many Greeks around the world!

Everyone is invited on January 15th for a Greek dinner with friends, family and even some new friends. Partners to this initiative will host a dinner – one person, two persons or more; use Greek products to create Greek dishes; share a photo or two of their endeavor; share a recipe; Tweet their experience or favorites and then RT (reTweet) others who are sharing their dinner party under the #GreekDinner and #EatGreek.(from Keri’s blog)

The goal is to celebrate Greek cuisine and promote amazing people, authors, chefs, businesses who are connected to Greece.

Keri Douglas @9musesnews has organized this event and has been using her magical social media talents to make this happen worldwide! Visit Keri’s site to become more involved. She will list any books, blogs, music, recipes and talents you may have to share.(from Keri’s blog)

To make it easy to RT others who are on Twitter, she created a #GreekDinnerTwitterList (@9musesnew/GreekDinner). Subscribe, follow & RT what others are sharing on their #GreekDinner. (from Keri’s blog)

I cannot describe how wonderful it has been connecting with everyone who has a true love for the Greek lifestyle, the beautiful foods of Greece, and connect with those who value the history of the culture. It has opened up discussions and personal experiences with new found friends with one common bond – the glorious Greek culture.

One thing we all have in common is that we love FOOD! Greek food. Fresh ingredients, simple recipes, and good wine. Living the good life in the Greek culture means sharing it with others.
We will be tweeting, sending pictures, and mentioning our dinner parties on Wednesday, this 15th, so I hope you will be present with us to enjoy the party!

Below is a small sample of Keri’s blog – please go over and visit her site for a much more detailed list!

Here’s just a sample of the participating cities – for more visit Keri’s 9 muses news blog.

Participating Cities:
Sydney, Australia at Diethnes Restaurant 
Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Athens, Greece 
Gylfada, Athens, Greece 
Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece
Peloponnese, Greece  
Nafplio, Greece 
Maleas, Greece 
Chania, Crete, Greece 
Southern Crete, Greece (birthplace of Zeus) 
Evia island, Greece
Corfu, Greece 
Bellinzona, Switzerland 
Luxemburg City, Luxembourg at Ambrosia Restaurant Grec 
Duesseldorf, Germany 
Berlin, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Mary Papoulias-Platis, chef & cuisine, California Greek Girl  @CalGreekGirl 
Keri Douglas, 9 Muses News @keridouglas 
Aleks, owner, Veranda on P restaurant 
Marjory McGinn, author, Big Fat Greek Odyssey @fatgreekodyssey 
Marlen Taffarello, travel PR, @MTravelsPR 
Nikolaos Chatziandreou, scientist/cultural heritage, @nchatziandreo 
Dimos and Vicky Chatziandreou @VickyChatziandr 
Russell Darnley, professor, @maximos62 
Rene' Tritaris, owner, 
Dionysis Tritaris, owner, @DionysiTritaris 
Terry Douglas, author of Ganymede: A Tale of Middle Eastern Intrigue 
Chef Jule, The Frenchman's Corner of Fairhope 
Peter Minakis, author & Greek supper club host, @kalofagas 
Katie Aliferis, poet, @KatieA_SF 
The Mediterranean Way Gourmet Market, Dupont Circle, Washington,DC @TheMediWay 
Global Greek World, everything Greek news, @GGWorld 
Buy Greek campaign, @BuyGreek 
Maria Dimitrakarakou, @dimitrakarakou and many
Authors participating!

Lots of authors are in our midst!

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