Heirloom Apple Harvest Cooking Class

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Welcome to one of our most fun classes we have had, the Heirloom Apple class. Inspiration for this class came from one of my favorite farmers in the area Smit Orchards. Their apple display was so incredibly beautiful at my last visit to the market, I couldn’t resist but teach about the many varieties of apples we have growing here in San Diego. We used many different varietals during the class and we had different outcomes. A fun day of experimental cooking with my great guests!

Saying hello to a new student and assistant.



Plating up their apple salad for the class.

Baked apple chips just coming out of the oven to  top the cake with.

Watching the soup as it thickens and becomes smooth.

Apple hand pies ready for the oven.


Pouring in the cream for the final stage of the soup.

Stuffing the hand pies with the apple stuffing.

Beginning our class with a demonstration of my favorite Wassail recipe.

Always checking the cake for doneness.

The beautiful apple salad with radicchio.

Doing a demo on how to seed and roast a butternut squash.

Preparing the main dish, halibut with apples.

Introducing the array of apples I had just gathered from Smit and other farmers at the farmers markets.

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