How-to Plan Party Appetizers

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Party appetizers can many times be a last minute throw-together dish or pantry staple that is given little effort and time to create for your holiday party. But, they can actually enhance your party and provide your guests with a tasteful experience. By following a few good techniques you too can be successful with it by following tips and by planning ahead. Have fun with them, and this is an additional place in the evening where you can be creative and design an individualize party of your own.

Appetizers can be served three different ways for your event.  You may serve them as the main course, making them the star dishes of the party. If a cocktail party is more your style, serve several appetizers along-side for your guests.  During a dinner party, greet your guests with a selection of few appetizers early as they arrive.  However way you choose you to serve your appetizers, below I have selected important tips and hints to have the best appetizers for your guests to enjoy!

What’s so great about them is you can adjust them to your taste, and customize them for own your dinner or party. Consider matching your ethnic dinner with your appetizers to casually introduce the spices and flavors to your guests when moving on into the evening.

Why should you use them at all, with a dinner party or get-together. Here are some hints and tips for a successful party.

Appetizers are introduced at the beginning of a party for the following reasons:

  • welcoming your guests
  • great with drinks
  • brighten the senses
  • cleanse the palate
  • salty ingredients – never butter
  • soup in small portions is best

There are some do’s and don’ts to try and remember:

  • do not serve too many/appetizers because they are very filling
  • consider one of each; spicy, creamy, mild, and one vegetarian
  • for an appetizer party serve 7-9 bites per person
  • for a pre-dinner food choose 5-7 per person
  • appetizers for dinner 12 to 14 bites

If short on time look at your grocery store for short-cuts.

  • Select a variety of nuts
  • Check out the olive bar
  • Cheeses – select large wedges
  • Bottled tuna in olive oil
  • Salsas- hot and mild
  • Crackers, toast points, chips, pita
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil with various breads for dipping

Keep on hand:

  • Fresh citrus and grapes
  • Dried fruit such as figs, cherries, plums, prunes
  • Fresh herbs for toppings such as basil
  • Cream cheese and a brie wheel
  • Toppings such as chutneys and jams for toppings
  • Fresh berries

Above I chose: Marinated Peppers, Greek-Phyllo Cheese Triangles, Three Feta Dips, and a Greek Vegetable Salsa.

For all the recipes and more go to Appetizers.



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