Inspiration Through My Eyes in Greece

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

” Desire is the wind that goes on blowing inside you and keeps your inner flame wavering, that’s why you are not still.”  Osho

Inspiration is living life through a view of multiple lenses. When you experience the moment it explodes within you. When you listen; it calls, when you touch; it sings, or as you watch; it grows ! It is nature’s wonderful gift, and if you take the time each day to welcome it, the possibilities are endless.

Inspiration comes from many experiences and stimulus within our world whether it be nature, travel, people, reading, work, your family, your home or just watching a leaf as it gently falls from an old oak tree.

But, it’s all about experiencing those short bursts of inspiration, and then applying them to your daily life that takes you one step closer to understanding this. It inspires you to continue to grow and thirst for the unreachable?  That feeling?  What exactly is it?  It can be described as a calmness that takes over your senses, and your mind floats to another level of consciousness and before long time passes. A giddy feeling begins growing in your mind and body, a transparent spirit takes over, and before you know it, it fades and much too early.

Many philosophers and beliefs over the centuries have preached about kindness and truth. But has inspiration ever been studied and taught?

My inspiration from nature developed as a very young girl playing in the fields behind our house. I played all day long. Looking at bees amongst the flowers, lifting up trap-door spider lids for a glimpse of a strange creature, hanging from tall branches hoping to get a bird’s eye view of our field, and just imagining all the things that are possible in a young girl’s imagination.

Were these long hours of being alone around nature, pushing my inspiration button as a child? Playing for hours without any disturbances, listening to bird calls, walking on leaves as they crunched beneath my feet, watching cloud formations and just being alone? (no worries my brothers were playing around the corner)

I do feel my eyes see differently than others. I see the smallest detail in everything. (and I’m not looking for perfection, I’m the least likely candidate for that!).  But, actually noticing all the details, day in and day out,  in a rose, or a caterpillar, or perhaps the secret spice in that one cookie! I feel special inside when this occurs. An unexplainable spark that travels throughout my being.

As the New Year arrives, take the time to look inside for your flame of inspiration!
During the month of January, I will be dedicating my  posts to ” Inspiration” and how it influences me as I write and create my blog posts for you.

And please feel free to write me about your special inspirational moments and how you celebrate this great gift!


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1 Melissa Smith

Beautifully written. I’ll keep up with your site!! You are an inspiration, Mary, to all who know you! I’m so glad to be one of them. You deserve great success because you have worked for it, and you can tell the passion is like fire in you! A TRUE California-Greek Girl!!

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