My Greek Garden One Month Later…

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Where are my garden boxes? Take a look at my Greek garden one month later. They seemed to have disappeared.  After all the work and time my husband put into building and installing theses boxes, I’m embarrassed  to show him, how his beautifully-trimmed boxes are covered with these long, dangling stalks from six-enormous tomato plants.  Basking in the California sunshine, the tomato plants  look like they’re on steroids.

I’m thrilled though, to have made the decision early in the planting stages, to keep all the tomato plants in one box.  Especially now, now that I have observed their growing patterns and have witnessed their out-of-control growing pattern.  (so long  to the beautiful pages in my garden magazines! )  This will enable the other vegetables in the next two boxes, an opportunity to grow without being pushed out.  The harvest hasn’t arrived yet, but it will soon be here.  I hope you enjoy my current  pictures of my garden.

All, I can say for now is, “Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts…”


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1 Rose Gold

Tomato is a tropical plant and needs lots of sunlight. Your tomato plants are really in good condition. It can really see on your photos. I wish I can also have those kind of veggies on my garden.

2 Mary Lou and Lu Jean

Love your articles and garden pictures. LJ says to use those pantyhose and tie up those tomato vines and green greens!!!! Continue the great work, your garden looks wonderful!

3 admin

Thanks Girls for the nice comments! Great idea Lujean, I’ll have to remember where I put those panyhose…

4 admin

I do love roses as well! I will shoot some pictures of my favorites! Plus, I have some Greek rose recipes I’ll be sharing. Would love to view your site when it’s up again!

5 Rose Crystal

Oh. Your garden really looks well-arranged and spacey. I would love to have a garden like yours! As for the plants, I love the way you planted them in groups. Thanks for sharing these photos. I thought a lot of ideas that I can put on my garden by just looking at your photos.

6 Chef Chuck

Your garden is “Wonderful”!!

7 Mary Papoulias-Platis

Thank-you Chuck! It means a lot to me to have fresh herbs and vegis ready for our meals!

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