My Sunday Visit to the Leucadia Farmers Market

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

Welcome to the farmer’s market in Leucadia, in San Diego County. You can shop locally and pick up events such as this one to attend. Dirty Hands = Sexy Hands!  Weed dating is a new form of meeting singles in a farm setting. Apparently, you come down to the farmer’s market and farm and help hand-pick weeds and rotate among the fields every so often so you can introduce yourself to several singles in an afternoon. I couldn’t resist taking this photo and spreading this new dating option!

Sunday’s are always set aside for browsing through the sea-side market in Leucadia located along the coast of San Diego. Many markets are along main streets, but this market in located  in a near-by elementary school playground. Local vendors stretched out among the vast lawn area, are displaying fresh products and anticipate the arrival of their dedicated buyers. This fabulous setting allows visitors to sit and enjoy an early lunch in the sun while sitting on the old  cafeteria styled bench listening to great local music.

Above are large global striped beets from Suzie’s Farm, definetly my inspiration for my next post. Maybe, I’ll make a refreshing Spring salad, it all depends on what I find today.


In season now are these juicy ruby- colored blood oranges. Perfect for my beet salad today.  The vendor for these beauties is Smit Orchards.


Freshly picked herbs are available at almost every stand here in Leucadia. Today’s purchase included mint, dill, and parsley for my salad.


My husband came along today and look was on his mind, homemade pasta!


Kalamata, rosemary, cherry pecan, sunflower flax, focaccia, semolina jalapeno cheddar, asiago cheese, and many more available from Belen Artisan Bakers.


And you can’t leave the market without taking a few moments to listen to inspiring local bands and sing along to a couple of fun tunes!


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1 Stephanie

This looks amazing! Weed dating is very cute

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