Our First Market House Event at Ethos

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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High School Friends

We enjoyed a full day of our first “Market House” event last week.  I wanted to create a local event which had several local products represented, along with a theme for the event which was an overload of fresh limes from our tree , hence the Lime Harvest.

I was quite surprised by the number of friends and family that arrived during the day. And a big thank you for everyone who attended and supported this new event. No worries, we will repeat the Market House in March so look for my upcoming post.

Here are a few pictures we captured throughout the day, as people arrived to eat, shop and chat at our place. The lime aroma circulated throughout the kitchen, as I prepared my lime products. I included lime curd with fresh strawberries, chamomile lime tea, strawberry lime sangria, limeade, and fresh fish tacos with lime.

Besides the many foods we offered with a lime theme, I invited vendors to present their products. A big thank you to Madeline Gere, Tamara Bloom, and Sandy White. Along with the many friends that attended, and all the conversations we all engaged in, I truly appreciate the support the community has embraced us with at Ethos.

I hope you join us in March!




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