Rosalind Creasy’s Book Signing at San Diego Botanical Gardens

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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An author visit at the Quail Botanical Gardens with Rosalind Creasy was such a joy. Her presentation insprired me and others to bring joy to your garden with color and imagination.

If you come to San Diego you must take the time to visit one of San Diego’s top places to visit and that one place is San Diego Botanical Gardens. You can meander through a bamboo forest, learn about rare fruit and trees, visit a hands-on children’s garden, or walk along many paths of  several majestic acres of unusual species and  plants. And what better place to have a special garden author talk and book signing. For many years I have held tight to Rosalind’s gardening books on my book shelf. The Edible Italian”, “Flower”, and Herb” books. All very helpful and enjoyable to look at and utilize in the garden.

Rosalind Creasy gave a wonderful talk about her gardens, her philosophy, and all the wonderful work she has done in her home garden as well as her professional career putting in edible gardens for clients.

She is strong supporter of Seed Savers Exchange, a long-standing gardeners  supply of vegetable seeds to many, and she does claim the majority of us do not know our vegetables! Take a look at their web-site and you will find a large selection of heirlooms you can purchase directly from their site. “They are a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Since 1975, our members have been passing on our garden heritage by collecting and distributing thousands of samples of rare garden seeds to other gardeners.

She introduced us to the California Rare Fruit Growers, for use in our front and backyard gardens. Here you will find unusual trees such as the pomegranate, quince, kiwi, persimmons and many more to choose from.

The reason to plant a garden:

  • You will receive the best nutrition level from your garden vegetables.
  • This allows you to save money.
  • Energy will be saved in the long run.
  • This helps prevents pollution.
  • This will save 75% less water usage according to a study than a farmer.
  •  Will save the wild areas in your city.
  • You will help future generations setting an example of home gardening.

Helpful tips were given to make your front yard garden look more attractive

  1. Place boxwood around your plantings to make them look neater.
  2. You Can mix flowers with vegetables in your garden.
  3.  Place  signs or objects in the garden for humor.
  4. Possible add animals for visual and friendly appeal such as a chicken coop.
  5. Add color by painting walls, murals, pictures, pots or art pieces.
  6. Use barrels for plants or water features.
  7. Use grapes over your garage or drape them along the north side of your house.

More tips:

  • Use many varieties of herbs in your garden to use in your dishes.
  • Look for perennial basil that give you fresh basil for your pizzas, spaghetti, and soups all year long.
  • Use arches to support your sun-gold tomatoes for an attractive look in your garden.
  • Use yellow and red chard for health benefits as well as for beauty.
  • Plant herbs in barrels and containers and group them together and use all one color pots to unify them.

Overall, the message Rosalind Creasy left us with was to use your land to the fullest. Planting and utilizing the front and backyard for your edible garden is important to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.




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