Spending the Day with Bragg Live Foods in Santa Barbara

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Just recently, I had the honor of sitting down with a group of lovely administrators from the Bragg  Live Foods to explore the world of health and nutrition.  They are located on rolling acres in the Santa Barbara area. As we arrived we spotted the entrance sign and couldn’t believe that they have been in business for over 99 years! I took a moment to try and reflect back to how this California property might have looked back then, peaceful, quiet, untouched, clean water…



Such a beautiful display of ivy covered house.

We took an inspiring tour of the property and this building was a gardener’s dream with Adam in Marketing. The lush ivy embraced the architecture of this wood- sided county building.

Beautiful gardens in Santa Barbara.

Of course, I always look for the flowers on properties and look what I came across! In full bloom, rows and rows of these pink ladies!

Lovely rose garden along the coast in Santa Barbara.

Dr. Patricia Bragg loves her rose garden, and I definitely can see why. Roses arbors, trails, and meandering paths embrace you in sweet smells, perfuming the air.

A rose garden pathMore roses…

Beautiful roses growing and palm tress!And more roses… breathtaking!

Dr. John Westerhall, explained to us that this rose collection is so loved by the community, that they invite garden groups  here every year for annual tours of the property.

Enjoying a day in Santa Barbara with Patricia Bragg.

At last, here we are around her serene fountain for a photo opportunity.

We had a wonderful day exploring their organic farm in which they produce organic apples, a variety of vegetables, and rows and rows of greens and lettuces for the local children in the nearby school districts. (I wish I had a picture). Along with all this, they have recently developed and planted an extensive fruit orchard with exotic plants as well as local California fruit.

Thank-you to the Bragg employees, we had a delightful day.


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1 Jade

These are some great pictures and I am such a fan of the Bragg Group! All organic all the time- really the way this world should be going. Healthier and nutritious, and you can’t forget delicious! I spent a lot of time in Santa Barbara and I am so jealous you got to spend a day here! Looks relaxing! I was just there and I stayed at the Sandman Inn (www.thesandmaninn.com). So affordable and the location is just perfect! Super close to everything fun in Santa Barbara!

2 Mary Papoulias-Platis

Thanks for the comment! The property is beautiful with an organic farm, beautiful roses, and a stunning view! The staff was so welcoming and sincere. I had a wonderful time.

3 Kelsea

This house reminds me of the English countryside and the vines crawling up the side of the house. I love it, the atmosphere of Santa Barbara is one of a kind and anyone lucky enough to visit and explore would know its an experience all in itself. They have such a lovely garden as well! I’m working on my own personal garden, hopefully it comes out half as nice! I travel to Santa Barbara a lot and I always stay at the Sandman Inn (www.thesandmaninn.com). Really inexpensive and right downtown!

4 Junebuggy

Oh I love your blog, it is so cute and well informed on everything Greek! I understand what it means to be Greek and everything around you to be well, GREEK! The festivals are great and so is Santa Barbara! I believe they have Greek festivals annually but I might be mistaken?! Anyway, lovely traveling there, always so much fun! These pictures are great, those gardens are gorgeous! I travel there so much and I would love to stay in a place like this! Or even close to this! The South Coast Inn (www.goleta-hotel.com) is my hotel of choice. Great for serious travelers looking for a nicer place to stay!

5 Mary Papoulias-Platis

Santa Barbara is a lovely town with so much character! Thank-you for stopping by and reading my blog- I love being a California Girl! xo Mary

6 Jan

Would love to visit the farm. What is the address and do I need an appointment?

7 Mary Papoulias-Platis

The property is private and not open to the public.

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