Strawberry Fields Forever!

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Welcome to the Strawberry Fields in Carlsbad, San Diego that go on forever. While driving around town after Palm Sunday’s dinner for the family, I noticed that the strawberry fields just opened up for business. After looking for the entrance to these beautiful fields,  I drove around until I found it on Cannon street in Carlsbad. The sweet smell of the vine-ripened strawberries was overwhelming as I approached the farm stand. I ran back to my car to get my camera so I could take these photos for the blog. I have never seen such a beautiful plot of land, riddled with thousands of speckled red dots.

I couldn’t help but to walk over and glance at the farming method in which these strawberries are planted in.  Long, narrow ditches are line up like soldiers in the berry field, and the strawberries are planted in mounds atop these colorful rows.

The fields took my breath away that morning ,  just imaging all the hard work that went into producing these gems for our table.

The small stand was busy taking care of the visitors in town and the all the locals buying up their supply for that day.  They sell their berries in individual baskets, 1/2 flats, or in one flat boxes. I couldn’t resist, so I bought a complete flat for our dessert that day.

One of our southern California favorites that we look forward to every year is in our very own backyard. I love supporting our local farmers.

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