Thanksgiving Ideas for Your Table – One Vase + One White Plate

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

I have posted all my Thanksgiving traditional dishes in my past posts and thought you may enjoy a few simple ideas for a beautiful table. Over the years, I have collected many dishes and accessories but they come in handy for quick ideas for any occasion. If just starting out I suggest white dinner plates. Add colorful or themed salad plates and you have an instant display. Also, add one or two tall glass cylinders for your center table and look what you can do. I have designed three simple ideas for your fall table and all it took me was a trip to Michael’s or to my junk closet . Since I had all my decorative items out already I decided to add a white plate option to go with all the arrangements. I’m a firm believer in re-using what you have and making it work with a bit of creativity!  Here’s a bonus: a Michael’s coupon page just for you from Michael’s.

My County Inspiration

I bought the corn at the grocery store, the feathers, sticks and shells at Michael’s.

I had the brown plate from my collection, made the stamped napkins year’s ago (my Martha days), and placed a wooden honey spoon for warmth.

My Elegant Touch

This is a copper spool for around $2.50 that was wrapped in circles inside the vase and then wrapped around the top. The orchids were pulled off  from one stem and carefully placed in the vase. The vase can be filled with water for a beautiful effect, make sure to secure orchids with hot glue. The bird can be an accent piece ~ all from Michael’s.

This yellow depression plate has been a favorite of mine for years.  I love old things so bring out Grandma’s china or hunt some down at your local resale shop!
My inspiration from these plates created the look above.

My Garden Path

Succulents are the new rage today! I couldn’t resist them, and I added green pomegranates and artichokes.

This can also be filled with water with a mini light for the base to light the vase. ( found at Michael’s- the light can be purchased there too.).

This again is a green plate from my collection – as you can see just adding a fresh fall leaf or fake one to any plate can be festive.

Take time to enjoy your guests and stay simple!


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