Top 15 Gifts for the Kitchen

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Top 15 Gifts for the Cook in your Family

Here is my list of wonderful gift suggestions that I have used in my kitchen, and are my favorites for this holiday season. Browse my marketplace for new ideas from cookbooks, appliances and kitchen products that I have hand-picked for you and your home. By the way, the door design was created by my dear friend J.R. for the holidays. He suggests to use whatever you can find in your garden to reflect what you enjoy displaying in your home.


Having freshly milled grains for your breakfast or other meals can enhance your health and improve your culinary dishes.

This pepper mill is made in Greece for over 300 years. The classic design is functional as well as beautiful to have on your counter.


Wrap your artisan cheeses in this coated paper to protect and extend the life of your specialty purchase.


I can’t live without these deep and strong pie plates. They bake the crust perfectly brown, and they never stick.


Salt pigs are perfect for the cook who wants just a pinch of salt for his dish.



This tea pot is instant and serves many guests at once. I use it everyday for my teas, cooking, and instant hot water.


The greatest gift any cook could ask for!  I have blended soups, ground coffee, made smoothies, and many mores uses you can only imagine.



Want instant pops to serve to your family?  This maker does the trick. Just keep in the freezer and bring out, pour the mixture in, and in minutes your pop is ready.


How nice to be able to serve crepes for dinner or dessert everyday. This is a fun to entertain with for any party!


10. This collection is my favorite for parties and entertaining with. I have several pieces and they will look terrific in your home.


Now this is a library for every home. I have seen this collection and I can spend hours reading it, with it’s spectacular photos.


12.What could be better than making your own yogurts and adding your favorite flavors.

This digitally controlled 9 tray food dehydration system can’t be beat.



Interesting? This is the latest Sous Vide technology for cooking your meat evenly and slowly.



Every kitchen should have a Bundt pan and why not the anniversary edition!

Happy Holidays!

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1 Nicole Bournias

Well I think I only have 2 of these must have things for my kitchen..

2 Mary Papoulias-Platis

It takes a long time to collect kitchen items… these are just reccom. for those looking for fine gifts.

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