Kalo Mina! Have a Wonderful Easter Month

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Kalo Mina is a warm greeting spoken on the streets in Greece and now around the world! As we walk the streets and enter into shops, people everywhere embrace this saying, offering one another blessings for the month.

Lent is upon us as Greek Orthodox Christians preparing for Greek Easter Week. This year we celebrate Easter together on the same date as others, which occurs only every four years, as we follow the old calendar.

A typical holy week menu is Lentil Soup, Olives, Boiled Vegetables, and Fruit.
Families are preparing for a very busy week, with meaning and tradition in the kitchen and home. Me Lent recipes can be found here.

Traditions may involve purchasing the family new clothing for Saturday Night’s church service symbolizing the Life after the Resurrection.

Food preparation begins very early in the home involving the children and family. Beginning with the dying of the red eggs, prepared on Holy Thursday, also known as Red Thursday. (Kokkininopempti) Red symbolizing the blood of Christ on the cross. Here’s my post on coloring Greek Easter Eggs.

The traditional bread, Tsoureki,  and the Mayeristsa Soup are staples on the household table, along with the eggs and lamb. You may enjoy my Greek recipes for Lent and Greek Easter here.

As the holy week begins on Monday many traditions which are followed with the family and church members as we gather in sorrow and happiness as the approach the beginning of Easter. More on the Holy Week can be found here.

More to come as we enter Holy Week.

Kalo Mina,




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