Roger’s Garden: A Touch of Autumn

by Mary Papoulias-Platis

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Getting out of town and heading to your favorite nursery is exactly how I spent last weekend. Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach has been on my favorite list for many years. In fact, I make it a full day of gardening and shopping, every season of the year. Roger’s with it’s unique grounds, attracts people from all over the southern California region. Even non-gardeners. Many buildings on the property are themed with beautifully dressed holiday gifts.  And at the entrance, a surprise awaits every visitor with a seasonal floral exhibit.

This month at the entrance, stood six-foot tall sunflowers with a large selection of heirloom pumpkins. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture it. But, I did find these overly large heads of Lazy Susan flowers covering the main entrance to the gardens. They were just breathtaking!

The walkway into the gardens is a peek inside the new holiday presentation for the visitors. By now you can guess where this is going, possibly Rustic-European with old doors and window boxes that might treat you to a French countryside, or possibly an Italian villa.

Once inside, another surprise!
Facing you are clusters of worn-out mechanic moving parts, dressing this large over-sized decorative wall.
This complex arrangement keeps you guessing, and wondering what’s ahead .

Just outside the buildings you run into these cleverly displayed Fall collections.

Hundreds of unique heirloom pumpkins displayed so randomly, prompting you to grab one and throw it into your basket.

And believe it not, Spring is still blooming in the magical garden ~ doesn’t surprise me one bit!

 It’s fall here in Southern California after all!

Oh! back to the theme inside.

Even though Christmas has arrived here at Rogers, I will be saving those pictures for a later post. ( I can only handle one season at a time ).

All I can say for now is, the theme for this year is still a mystery.

Check in later for my post on Holidays at Roger’s Gardens, when I reveal the total theme.

Trust me , you won’t be disappointed.

So for now, I must get back to planting my fall garden…


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1 Kim

We LOVE Roger’s Gardens! It’s like Disneyland for gardeners. I go there every time the season changes to stock up. So let me know when you’re there next; I’d love to wander around with you!


2 Mary Papoulias-Platis

Roger’s is so magical especially this time of year!

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